Sharia In Swat

By Jonathan Ward.

Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari, has now signed into law a bill introducing Sharia law to six districts in the northwest of Pakistan.

This is a deal struck with the Taleban, whereby they will cease their insurgency in the northwestern regions in exchange for Sharia law being implemented. One of the six districts included within this agreement is the Swat valley. I’m sure you will all remember my previous post, detailing Sharia justice in action when a teenage girl was flogged without trial for the crime of being seen with a married man.

Although one party abstained, the Pakistani parliament unanimously voted for this bill to be enacted. With one stroke of a pen, Zardari has now effectively ceded control of part of his country to a group of brutal Islamic extremists. Bravo, Mr President.

The Taleban spokesman Muslim Khan had earlier said that any MP who did not vote for the bill would be considered an apostate, and by implication therefore threatening their lives. This blatant intimidation seems to be par for the course in Pakistani politics these days.

If Zardari believes that this craven surrender will somehow appease the Taleban, then he’s even more stupid than he appears to be. Now that they have their foothold, the Taleban will keep making further inroads.

In the meantime, expect more reports of brutal punishments handed out to women, children and homosexuals. Sharia law in action.


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