HTML Links

Oh fer Chrissakes. I can’t get the html links to work on this computer of mine. This is clearly divine retribution for years of inattentive behavior…. and of course Bachanalian revelry at every chance I got.

I pray, oh Flying Spaghetti Monster, return my ability to link html!!! The FSM giveth, the FSM taketh away. I think an “Our Father” ought to clear this up.

“Our Spaghetti, who art in Las Vegas, hallowed be thy name, the 4 course meal come, thy will be done, in my bunker in an undisclosed location, as it is in Vegas, forgive us our drunken fumblings with sorority girls as we forgive those who fondle us, for fuck’s sake lead us into temptation, and deliver us a pizza. Amen.”

Damn, still no html links… grrrr.


4 Responses to “HTML Links”

  1. Gregg Townsend Says:


    The prayer needs to be closed with “RAmen”. That should fix you up…if not, don’t blame me.

  2. alrawandi Says:

    Well I added a “Hail Mary” over on my blog, we will see if the notional effect of two prayers helps me.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Have you gone back to the browser you were using when you were having trouble posting stuff on this site at all? Changing browser to Firefox or IE might help.

  4. alrawandi Says:

    I have already changed to firefox, still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Sonofabitch.

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